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Man gets permission to kill evil squirrel

Faces wrath of entire squirrel population

Man gets permission to kill evil squirrel
Danielle de Wolfe
31 October 2011

When it comes to the confidence of squirrels, we've all witnessed an inarguable change over the years.

Think back to your youth and you'll probably remember them coyly scampering away whenever you got close, trying desperately to play the part of the constant wallflower. Cut to 2011 and they represent the tough, violent underclass of the animal kingdom.

After displaying a total disregard for humanity in this reckless stunt/gang initiation earlier this year, we're now hearing more of their disturbing behaviour. In Sweden, a man has been under siege from one particular thug who broke in and trashed his house on numerous occasions.

Eager for the trauma to be over, he appealed to the local authority for the right to take revenge on the squirrel and murder it to death. After a tense two months, they have ruled in his favour. All he needs to do now is get police permission and a bloody battle to the death will ensue.

Given what we've seen of late, we're siding with the squirrel.

(Rex Features)