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Man forgets where he parked his car, finds it 20 years later

Whoops, butterfingers!

Man forgets where he parked his car, finds it 20 years later

Theme parks are great, aren’t they? Big rollercoasters, candy floss and that, getting all wet on the log flume, wet pants, wet pants everywhere! But there’s one bad thing about going to theme parks. It’s when you come back to the car park and your car’s gone. Bye bye Mr Car, you shout, for you will never find it, and you have to walk home down the M25 - a journey that takes eleven hours.

Yep, losing your car is a hardship, and one that thankfully, not everyone has had to endure. However, one man who most certainly did experience it was a German bloke who, way back in 1997, forgot where he parked his car, and subsequently gave up looking. The Frankfurt man reported the car stolen to police, but it was never found, and he had to make do with a unicycle (probably) for the rest of his life. Poor bloke.

However, now, 20 years later, his car has turned up.

It was hidden in a garage in an industrial building that was due for demolition, so the authorities decided to find out who it belonged to. According to German regional paper Augsberger Allgemein, it belonged to the man, now 76, who was driven to see the car with his daughter. Turns out it’s a bit of rust-bucket, now, though, and probably has an out-of-date MOT, so it’s not exactly road-worthy. 

Frankfurt authorities said: “The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap.”

Indeed, it has since been car-murdered, never to be thought about ever again. I am glad it’s dead.

But this was not the only Germanic case of a missing auto, because a couple of years ago, a similar incident occurred, in which a man parked his car and went on a large one in Munich, before completely forgetting where he left it (probably for the best). Fast-forward two years and it was found 4km away, with a lovely little present in the boot: 40,000 euros in cash. Oh yeah and also 50,000 euros worth of tools for some reason.

Those wacky Germans, eh? With their lederhosen and their sauerkraut and their missing cars - what will they do next? Make a really good beer and have a train arrive on time? Anything’s possible!

(Image: Hector Bermudez)