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Man finds perfect alibi

It was a no-brainer...

Man finds perfect alibi

When were you last in jail?

If you’re not sure, then chances are you’ve been in chokey a bit too often and it might be worth starting to keep some kind of ‘jail diary’.

Such is the case of LaDondrell Montgomery, 36, of Harris County, Texas, who was in the frame for felony armed robbery.

When a suitable alibi wasn’t forthcoming, things began looking grim for Montgomery, facing life in prison for the charge.

Luckily, however, it turns out that he was locked up for a domestic violence charge at the time of the robbery… he’d just forgotten about it.

“He couldn't remember," recounted his well-prepared lawyer Ronald Ray. "We asked him where he was on all the cases he's been charged with ...He just couldn't remember, for that particular date, where he was."

After overturning the charge, the judge called Ray and his brief ‘spectacularly incompetent’, which sums them up quite fairly.

Image: Rex


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