Man finds out why you should never slide down the escalator in tube stations


James Bond.

That, in essence, is pretty much the full list of people who should ever be allowed to slide down the middle part of the escalator at London tube stations, seeing as Bond managed it in Skyfall without looking like a prat or injuring himself.

But while 007 had the benefit of living in a fictional world where there weren’t safety blocks lined down the shiny central reservations to contend with, sadly the same can’t be said for one man caught on camera aping the stunt on a lad’s night out.

Egged on by his mates – who by the looks of it were fully aboard the banter express before they’d even reached the platform – they could only watch on helplessly as the guy descended down the steep slide, narrowly missing the first barrier before hitting the next at some speed, tumbling sideways back onto the moving metal stairways in a heap.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why you don’t slide down the escalator.

[Via: Metro]