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Man finds mouse in can of soda

Squeak, squeak, gurgle, gurgle, bleurgh...

Man finds mouse in can of soda
03 January 2012

A quick straw poll to kick off the new year: who here has drunk a mouse? No, no, and thrice no, eh? Well, according to Pepsi, if you drank one of its products you wouldn’t know whether you had imbibed one of those cuddly little squeakmongers.

Confused? Good. You should be. But allow us to shed some light on this peculiar matter. A chap in America by the name of Ronald Ball is trying to sue Pepsi claiming that a can of Mountain Dew he drank contained a mouse.

The fizzy drink King has refuted Ball’s story, pointing to the testimony of an expert who asserted that a mouse would not have survived intact in the drink and that instead it would have dissolved in the drink and become a jelly-like substance.

So, who to believe? A man claiming he drank a mouse, or Pepsi, which states its drinks turn creatures into jelly-like substances?

A can of pop anyone? No, thought not.

(Image: Rex Features)

[via Madison Record]