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Man fakes mum's obituary for day off

Caught in his own web of lives

Man fakes mum's obituary for day off

In the world of lies for taking time off work, death remains somewhat taboo.

But a man in the United States has been charged after publishing a fake obituary for his living mum in a work-related ruse.

Pennsylvanian Scott Bennett, 45, was charged with disorderly conduct after he placed the obituary in the Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper.

It was allegedly a ploy to get paid bereavement leave and explain time he had taken off work.

Bennett's plan fell to pieces when relatives called the newspaper to alert them the woman was actually in great health.

Bennett's mother, bless her, then visited the newspaper's office to provide living proof.

Editor, Randy Bartley, said he ran the obituary "in good faith" after being unable to confirm the funeral arrangements.

Apparently she was very understanding.

Via: ABC

Image: Rex