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Man finds flat covered in ice

Man finds flat covered in ice

Man finds flat covered in ice

A Chinese landlord was shocked to discover that one of his flats had become encased in ice - on the inside.

Feng Guijun bought the property in 2011 but it has remained empty due to a dispute with the real estate developer. Recently, Feng was approached by someone wanting to rent the property for business use. He says: "Thinking renting it out is better than leaving it empty for nothing, I signed the contract with the tenant".

However, the tenant phoned Feng telling him that the flat had turned into an 'ice cave'. When Feng visited he discovered that the inside of the flat was covered in ice and huge stalactites. He says: "When I came over I was shocked as the bathroom pipes in the house were smashed open and the house was covered with ice".

The compound office admitted their workers had smashed the pipes when the flat above had a jammed toilet. A spokesman said: "As we can't find the house owner for the first floor apartment, we had to break in and smash open the pipes".

Images: Rex