Man City Fan Finds a Brilliant Use for the Tube's Help Points


Ever wondered what those big white circular things do on the underground? Hopefully, you've never needed to use one, as they're generally left aside for platform emergencies or fire alarms.

But - clearly stated on a sticker - you can actually use them to call someone for information. And exactly what kind of information? Well, although it's commonly assumed it should be used for travel directions and the like, it's not actually specified.

And one enterprising Manchester City fan decided to use that to his advantage on Saturday. On the tube at Seven Sisters station following his side's 4-1 thrashing against Tottenham at White Hart Lane in an early kick-off, and without mobile service, they wanted to know the scores in the other games which kicked off at 3pm. So, they pressed the help button, waited for a response, and the hero on the other end of the line sorted them out.

Not what you'd expect but, hey, that's really providing a service to the general public.

Watch it below.