This man's ex accused him of never committing to anything, so he learnt to backflip in a day

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Gary Ogden

I have *quite* the problem committing to things – I quite often give up on TV shows halfway through; I always drain and eat my pasta too early; I downloaded DuoLingo in order to learn German and did a total of one session. I’m cool with it though – it adds to my “mysterious persona”.

One thing your mysterious writer did once, was attempt to learn how to front flip. I managed it, but only on a mat – I was too scared to do it on the cold, hard ground. So I gave up. Onto learning something else for a day, like German.

But there are some people out there who do commit to things, like copying my idea but doing it as a backflip instead, so they don’t get done for plagiarism. One of those people is Reddit user kroehlerpark, who decided that he’d learn how to flip his legs over his head, backwards, in a day. Or roughly six hours.

He did this because his ex-girlfriend told him he couldn’t commit to anything – he sure showed her!

Look at him showing her:

To be fair to him, that’s quite impressive. He sort of ruins it with that American shout thing he does at the end, but you can’t have it all on the internet – I learned this long ago.

If you were that guy’s ex, you’d sure be sorry – you said he’d never amount to anything, but now he can do a backflip! Pretty damn rad if you ask me.

Anyway, that’s that, I guess. Not much more to say on the matter. Video up there of a man learning how to do a backflip in under six hours then shouting. Suppose we better wrap this up.

Oh, and hey! I committed to completing this article, didn’t I? That’s gre


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