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Man Abducted And Forced To Repair Dishwasher

Foiled by the munchies

Man Abducted And Forced To Repair Dishwasher

Getting hold of a repair man can be tough these days, but kidnapping one and forcing them to carry out repair work is a bit extreme.

However, a California couple allegedly did just that after a dispute over work done to a relative's house. Jason DeJesus and Chanelle Troedson apparently lured an unidentified handyman to their house in the South Bay, San Jose, before threatening and beating him if he didn't comply with their demands.

Their demands then turned out to be fixing their dishwasher and mending a broken door, which took seven hours. The ordeal came to an end when the man was forced to drive to a gas station on the way to a relative's house, where further work was to be carried out.

However, they were foiled when the victim made his escape from the station while the couple shopped for snacks, dashing to a nearby house where he called 911. Officers arrived to find the dastardly duo still in the snack aisle: must have been a tough decision, whether to get salted or dry roasted peanuts.

The suspects were then arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and kidnapping, and are currently in the Santa Clara county jail.

We just hope the dishwasher doesn't pack up again soon.

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Images: ABC7