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This is the luckiest penalty you will ever, ever see

How do you say "Oh mate" in Thai?

This is the luckiest penalty you will ever, ever see

A penalty shootout is one of the most dramatic aspects of a football match, and this is especially true of one that ends 20-19.

We’ve already covered which styles of penalty kicks are the best, but one spot-kick out of Thailand might be the most satisfying.

Bangkok Sports Club and Satri Angthong had played out a 2-2 draw and were similarly inseparable during a penalty shootout.

Both goalkeepers were forced to step up to the penalty spot as the teams went beyond their initial outfield takers, but the sudden-death period raged on beyond that.

Until this happened.

The scores were locked at 19-19 when a Bangkok player stepped up and slammed his kick against the crossbar.

However, if there was ever a lesson in not celebrating too early, this is it.

That sound you hear in the background? It’s not the crowd, it’s actually the sound of the universe screaming “oh mate”.

Here he is celebrating his team being one kick from victory…

And here he is seconds later…

Satri missed their next kick, handing the win to Bangkok, and it almost feels as if it was divine punishment for the goalkeeper’s dereliction of duty.

The moral of the story? Never get excited about anything ever.

(Images: Phakawat Kunpatee)