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Introducing 'Geek Island' - 'Love Island' for clever-clogs

Brains over brawn

Introducing 'Geek Island' - 'Love Island' for clever-clogs
30 August 2018

Love Island is over for another year, and you are distraught - of course you are, this was your summer. But hey, there’s always something around the corner, ain’t there? Plenty more fish that have starred in reality TV dating shows in the sea. Like Geek Island, for example.

What we’ve got here is a show from UKTV Play that emphasises intelligence over big old ‘ceps and all that oiled-up lark. The show stars notable reality TV braniacs like University Challenge’s Bobby Seagull, Miss England Stephanie Hill, who has a first-class degree in Radiotheraphy and Oncology, and Survival Of The Fittest’s Georgie Clarke (BA in Fashion Business and Management with Cultural Studies).

Seagull says in his intro:

“When the Seagull lands the girls come flocking. I’m packing a whopper upstairs in my 19-inch cranium and I’m ready to divide the mansion, subtract the guys and multiply with the girls.”

Of course, the whole thing is a big old joke, but it’s a fun one. It’s to promote UKTV Play’s upcoming September slate of factual programming, containing over 1,000 shows like Wildest Africa, Forbidden History and your favourite, Impossible Railways.

There are four episodes in total, and you can watch them all on the UKTV Play website - they’re about a minute each, so DO IT NOW before your boss sees, you little scamp! Here’s the first ep in full:

Enjoy! Or don’t, it’s up to you what you do with your time. Seriously, take up cross-stitch if you like - it’s a free country.

(Image: YouTube)