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Lost shots of Andy Warhol unearthed

London exhibition delves into the artist’s infamous Factory

Lost shots of Andy Warhol unearthed

At the age of just 24, British photographer David McCabe received an astounding job offer. The employer? Andy Warhol.

His duties? To document life at Warhol’s New York studio-cum-party venue, The Factory. McCabe signed up, agreeing to Warhol’s conditions: that he didn’t use a flash, and that he “looked like someone who would fit in”. All he was required to do was shadow Warhol between 1964 and 1965, camera in hand.

Disappointingly, though, Warhol didn’t like the shots, so they remained unseen for decades. Less disappointingly, however, McCabe’s now unearthed the lot for an unmissable new exhibition.

‘The Factory: Andy Warhol And His Circle’ displays McCabe’s insight into Factory life in all its glory. It’s a unique opportunity to see some of the 20th century’s biggest names in art and style rubbing shoulders under one roof. Whether you fit in or not.

‘The Factory: Andy Warhol And His Circle’ is at Proud Chelsea until 4 December;