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There's a range of London Underground accessories at Selfridges and they bang

Circle line mug? YES PLEASE

There's a range of London Underground accessories at Selfridges and they bang

As Londoners, we tend to take the Tube for granted. A wait longer than three minutes for the next train? Heinous. Having to squeeze onto a packed Central Line at 8am on your way to work? Even worse. 

With this in mind, it can admittedly be easy to overlook exactly how good the Tube actually is. 11 lines getting you across a giant metropolis really, really fast? Who cares about the occasional late train or morning arse in your face? The tube, frankly, bangs. 

And what also bangs is its design. The Underground sign is iconic in and of itself, let alone the trains – the coloured lines, the maps, the outdated seat covers. It’s no surprise that the design world has been taking cues from it in recent months.

First, we had the Adidas x TfL crossover, with the iconic shoe brand creating a trainer for every tube line.

And now, London Underground has teamed up with Selfridges to create a selection of Tube-inspired accessories. And they’re great.

There are notebooks, £8 for three: 

A six slot wallet, £18: 

And even pencils, £8 for six: 

There’s also mugs, £11, for every line – so you can get your pre-tube coffee in style. 

Want to see the full collection? Check it out here.

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(Images: Getty / London Underground / Selfridges)