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London’s next skyscraper revealed

London’s next skyscraper revealed

London’s next skyscraper revealed
08 December 2015

One Undershaft is coming.

No, it's not a Vauxhall Corsa engine-part on a boy racer’s Christmas list, but rather the latest skyscraper to join London’s increasingly futuristic skyline.

Set to soar over the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie, the Cheese Grater and any other buildings in that proverbial shopping trolley that is the city’s financial district, only The Shard across the river will rival this whopping great chunk of metal and glass for size.

The exact same size in fact: 309.6m. But while The Shard’s final few floors go all ‘Saruman’s Tower' from The Lord of the Rings and are cut off from public access, the designers of One Undershaft hope its top floor usage will bring about the highest viewing deck and restaurant in the capital.

Replacing the Aviva Building, a planning application for the 73-storey tower will be submitted to the City of London in early 2016, with plans to include 1,500 bicycle spaces (Katie Melua must have been consulted) sure to win a few point’s with any eco-minded sorts on the panel.

"Most skyscrapers are used Monday to Friday, but One Undershaft will be used seven days a week, with visitors able to enjoy the new public square, viewing platform and restaurant every day," said Eric Parry, the architect behind the project.

"It will be the jewel in the crown of the City of London and something we hope Londoners will be very proud of."

Let’s just hope they keep under budget. We don’t want anyone getting shafted.

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