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Londoners can now get cocaine delivered faster than a pizza

Two very different Friday nights

Londoners can now get cocaine delivered faster than a pizza
05 January 2018

Pizza or cocaine? Unhealthy or extremely unhealthy? The two present very different ideas of how your Friday night might go, but hey, we won’t judge you either way. Live your life.

However these days, according to one researcher, Londoners can get the illicit drug dispatched to their home much faster than the popular takeaway.

Dr Adam R Winstock, founder and managing director of the Global Drug Survey said: “Drug delivery is on the rise. Many cities today are surveyed through CCTV cameras, which makes traditional street dealing less attractive to suppliers and consumers. 

“With the darknet facilitating the delivery of drugs direct to people’s letter boxes and encrypted social media platforms allowing people to order in secret, it’s not surprising that there’d be an impact on the speed of delivery. After all, fast food delivery has been around for years and has proven even more popular since online shopping has increased.

“Amazon offers a speedy delivery service with Prime and Amazon Now, providing consumers with fast, efficient delivery, at the touch of a button. And since drugs that take effect quicker are known to cause higher rates of dependence, will faster delivery of drugs make people buy more? Despite additional charges for swift drug delivery, the attraction of convenience and discretion means it makes sense for dealers to invest in premium delivery services.”

Pizza, the more traditional delivery option 

Dr Winstock said London is projected to be one of the cities where cocaine delivery is faster than pizza, alongside New York and Berlin, according to The Independent.

A spokesman for the Global Drugs Survey added: “Each year, GDS consults more than 100,000 people around the world on the way they use drugs. We do this to get to the heart of how, where, when, why and what drugs are being taken. By discussing the findings we aim to make drug use safer, regardless of the legal status of the drug.”

The final results of the survey will be released soon, and you can still take part here

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