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London dungeon dummy skeleton found to be real

Same goes with that pesky ghost then

London dungeon dummy skeleton found to be real

Ever wonder how they make those creepy fake skeletons look so damn real?

Well, if you've ever thought this while walking around the London Dungeon, chances are the answer was pretty simple: they used a real one. For those who don't know, it's a Madame Tussauds-esque tourist spot.

The 'creepy crypt' exhibit at the popular attraction boasts a 'dummy' skeleton which an expert recently uncovered as genuine. The bones have been on display since 1975.

It all started when managers learned that real skeletons require a license so called in someone to check it out. After it was discovered to be real, it has been taken away to be licensed by the Human Tissues Authority for £2,000 a year.

It's believed that the skeleton was probably used for anatomical research before it became part of the dungeon.

(Images: BNPS/Rex)