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A ranking of the actors who have died the most times in movies

And no, Sean Bean isn't number one

A ranking of the actors who have died the most times in movies
12 September 2017

Everyone knows Sean Bean’s game: he’s the one that dies in all the movies, isn’t he? Sean Bean’s in a movie (or a TV show), and chances are: oh he gon’ be dead soon. But guess what, death-fans? He isn’t the actor to die the most in his movies – in fact, he’s far from it. have done a bit of research into on-screen movie carks, and put together an infographic of the top 15 actors that always kick the bucket in their movies. And – spoilers ahead – this is what they found:

Number one is: Christopher Lee. The fanged one himself has died in 60 out of the 280 films he’s starred in, which means he has a 21.4% chance of surviving. Poor old Chris. He also holds the dubious accolade of being the actor who has died the most times as the same character, owing to his ten times as Dracula.

Christopher Lee as Dracula

He once said: “I could die for you in every way known to man, and in a few ways only known to scriptwriters.”

Here’s the rest of the unlucky list:

  1. John Hurt – dead in 45 films out of 205
  2. Bela Lugosi – ended in 36 films out of 116
  3. Vincent Price – shuffled off in 32 films out of 201
  4. Samuel L Jackson – merked in 28 films out of 176
  5. Sean Bean – curtains in 25 films out of 119
  6. Charlize Theron – taken leave in 25 films out of 52
  7. Liam Neeson – rubbed out in 24 films out of 119
  8. Michael Biehn – conked it in 24 films out of 102
  9. Mickey Rourke – bought a one-way ticket in 22 films out of 77
  10. Shelley Winters – become obsolete in 19 films out of 162
  11. Gary Busey – assumed room temperature in 19 films out of 172
  12. Robert De Niro – cashed in his chips in 19 films out of 115
  13. Bill Paxton – kissed his arse goodbye in 15 films out of 93
  14. Sigourney Weaver – turned up her toes in 13 films out of 82

So clearly, it sucks to be a man, with blokes taking up 12 spots on the list. Although it also sucks to be Charlize Theron, who’s been punched off the earth a whopping 25 times, including getting hit by a car and booted off a cliff, which probably hurt quite a lot.

Out of all the combined deaths on the list, the weirdest include Vincent Price drowning in a vat of wine in Tower of London, John Hurt getting killed by a slap from Uma Thurman’s character’s giant thumb in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. And of course, you’ve got Sean Bean getting pulled in half by two horses in Black Death.

Of course, one glaring omission appears to be Al Leong, who I’m pretty sure I’ve seen die in every single movie he’s ever been in – and he’s been in loads. Still, could be wrong of course, and I’m certainly not checking – that’s a lot of movies to get through.

If you want to check out the full infographic, then head on over here.

(Image: Allstar)