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LG Shows Off Dual-Screen Phone And Smartwatch

LG Shows Off Dual-Screen Phone And Smartwatch

LG Shows Off Dual-Screen Phone And Smartwatch
01 October 2015

That's it - we're renaming September 'Techtember'.

In the past thirty days, the likes of Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, NVIDIA and Amazon have all launched the latest gadgets and gizmos they'll be hoping will sit under Christmas trees the world over come December.

Not wanting to be left out in the cold, LG pulled the sparkly cover off its own set of toys.

LG's new party piece is the V10 - a vast, 'premium' smartphone with a 5.7-inch QHD IPS Quantum display (it's really pretty). Nestled above this expanse of glass is a 'second screen' - a convenient window into notifications that won't bleed your battery life.

Another feature that comes in a pair is a set of front-facing 5MP cameras: one sports an 80-degree field of view, while the other a 120-degree view. By combining these two images in a single photo the V10 can either create 3D images or wide-angle selfies (*shudder*). 

There's no word on pricing or release date yet - but with a serious set of electronics crammed into its case, expect it to cost in the iPhone 6S Plus region of £619.

LG has also updated its smartwatch range with a new LG Watch Urbane - one of the best Android Wear devices we've tested.

The new Urbane will pack a 1.38-inch full circle screen, two buttons alongside a crown tool on the edge of the watch and the nifty inclusion of LTE. In short, you won't need your smartphone paired with this watch in order to check your emails, take calls or receive notifications as it can go online by itself. 

To understand more, here's a crazy video showing off its various features...

Techtember. That'll catch on. Right?