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Lawyer sues spa for bad breakfast

Gains sympathy of no-one

Lawyer sues spa for bad breakfast
10 November 2011

A complimentary breakfast can be an underwhelming experience.

Orange segments, rice krispies, shared butter, weak coffee: it's enough to make you actually consider paying for it instead.

Over in New York, lawyer Richard Katz started out as a happy-go-lucky guy enjoying a full breakfast at the Setai Club & Spa Wall Street. "It was a full-blown hotel breakfast," he mournfully reminisced. They were heady days as Katz confirmed that the spa provided "omelettes, pancakes, waffles, yoghurts, meats, juices...whatever you wanted.”

But tragedy struck and after the restaurant closed for a month this summer, Katz had to put up with a cold buffet. A cold buffet! A suitably distressed Katz complained and was kicked out by the brutish, cold buffet-serving spa. He's now suing them for $230,000 (£144,485) in damages and $500,000 (£314,099) for a libellous comment made by a spa worker.

Yes, that's $730,000 (£458,646) for a month's worth of free, cold buffet breakfasts. It does sort of beg the question: if you're paying $5,000 (£3,142) a year for a spa membership then can't you just buy your own breakfast?

(Image: Rex Features)