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Laura Dern couldn't fire her gun in 'Star Wars' without saying 'pew'

Can we blame her? No, not really

Laura Dern couldn't fire her gun in 'Star Wars' without saying 'pew'
14 March 2018

Some good news on this sad morning: Academy Award-nominated actress Laura Dern - star of Jurassic Park, Wild, and numerous David Lynch movies - was apparently unable to fire her laser gun in Star Wars: The Last Jedi without making funny gun noises, proving that even famous people are only human when it comes down to it.

According to director Rian Johnson’s commentary on the film’s home release, “You can see Laura Dern say ‘pew’ when she fires the gun, which she could never not do every time she shot it.” 

Delightful though this anecdote may be, it’s the latest in a long list of stories about actors in the Star Wars franchise making their own sound effects while filming. Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor have both admitted to messing up takes when filming the franchise’s legendary lightsaber scenes due to their inability to stop mouthing the classic ‘whomm, whommmmm’ sounds, which is… fair enough to be honest.