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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Got the card sorted? Flowers on order? 

You did remember it's Mother's Day on Sunday, right? 

Fear not. You'll be able to get your hands on our selection of last-minute gifts right up until last orders on Saturday, and they'll all go down a lot better than a forecourt bouquette. 

Pineapple Necklace by Rigby & Mac

Elegant, neat and deeply appropriate should you and your mother have a standing joke concerning pineapples. Failing that, Rigby & Mac have an assortment of tasteful golden jewellery that's not going to burn a hole through your bank account. 


Drop Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

While it's very dangerous buying your mum anything kitchen related ("It's like you're trying to trap me in there!" etc), the Drop scale is the sort of gadget that will be more help with the cooking than you could ever hope to be. Partnering with an iPad or iPhone, the Drop can guide you through a range of one-bowl recipes with a painfully simple, interactive set up. Easy.


Rounton Coffee Subscription

Sure, you could get her one of those fancy own-brand level five coffee packs on a whim - but a far more considered approach to satisfying your mum's caffeine cravings would be to get her a monthly subscription to Rounton Coffee. Select from a range of grinds, tell them how many packs they should deliver per month and set your desired subscription length - then sit back and wait for the monthly texts of coffee-fuelled praise. 

Starting from £22.25

PARADISE BUNCH Shoulder bag by Cath Kidston

"A Cath Kidston bag?! How did you know!" You didn't. You were just working on the well-formed assumption that your mum would love one of the many bags from the range of pattern-covered designs of Ms Kidston. Well done you. 



Not just any flip flops - these rubber foot chariots are adorned with a Liberty print. Be sure to select 'UK Saturday Delivery' and take the postage hit. 



No, it's not just a box of soap. It's a box of soap, scrub, body butter, hand cream, cosy socks, body polisher and some other stuff that's bound to make your mum feel deeply relaxed. You can also pick it up from Boots.


Amazon Kindle

By virtue of Amazon expanding their line of Kindle eReaders, the "basic" model is now available for under £50. Okay, only a pound under £50, but it's still a bargain. 


Nickle-plated ANTIFONI lamp by Ikea

Rather than shelling out the better part of £200 for the design-icon that is the Anglepoise, why not take the Swedish route? IKEA's Antifoni lamp is an elegant table piece that's much nicer than the dust-covered number currently residing on your mum's bedside table. Pick up in store or get same day delivery (where available). 


Etsy gift card

You're right, gift cards are unoriginal. But given that your mum probably hasn't heard of Etsy, she'll be grateful for receiving this one. Filled with bespoke, odd and beautiful handmade items, she'll spend the better part of Mothering Sunday glued to the site trying to work out whether she wants hand-carved egg cups or a wooden door bell.


Waitrose Sparkling Tea Hamper

Prosecco, green tea (the posh kind), biscuits, strawberry jam, Macarons - you're probably going to want to order yourself one of these while you're at it.