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Lance Armstrong to be set on fire

Lance Armstrong to be set on fire

Lance Armstrong to be set on fire
31 October 2012

When we heard Lance Armstrong was behind one of the largest doping scandals in sporting history, we threw our tainted yellow rubber wristband to the ground in bitter disappointment.

While he deserves to be stripped of his titles, we're not too sure about the Lance Armstrong effigy.

Unveiled by the Kent Edenbridge Bonfire Society, the cyclist was named as their annual celebrity Guy and was chosen over George Osborne and even Jimmy Savile (although he is wearing a Jim'll Fix It badge).

Last year's Celebrity Guy was Mario Balotelli and other previous celebrities have included Wayne Rooney, Gordon Brown, Anne Robinson, Saddam Hussein and Tony Blair.

The bonfire will be set alight on November 3 at around 6.30pm and Lance will be burnt alongside the traditional Guy Fawkes. It seems a little harsh to bung Lance in the same group as the chap who tried to blow up the houses of parliament but maybe that's just us.

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