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You can now get a Lamborghini powered by Alexa

A tad more exciting than putting a timer on

You can now get a Lamborghini powered by Alexa
08 January 2020

Most of us use our Alexa to do pretty basic things: put timers on while we're cooking, play music, remind us of appointments.

And they're not, on the whole, attached to incredibly expensive, incredibly high-tech cars.

But with a new partnership putting Alexa right inside your Lamborghini, that might change (if you can afford a Lamborghini, obviously).

It's the first car to feature Alexa, and we have to admit that some of its features are pretty cool, as you can see from this video.

It does everything you'd expect a voice assistant to do – answer calls, control your playlist, recommend nearby restaurants, act as a GPS and even open your garage, if it has the functionality.

And, of course, it's all hands-free, so you can keep your eye on the road.

Sadly, though, most of us aren't about to drop hundreds of thousands of pounds on a supercar, so the features will be off-limits to all but a privileged few.

But the partnership does suggest that Amazon may branch into more new ventures – which is definitely worth keeping an eye on.