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Lady Dons Moustache To Rob Neighbour

"Maureen, put down my TV and have a shave"

Lady Dons Moustache To Rob Neighbour
06 January 2012

You’ll probably have noticed that we're a bit obsessed with stupid criminals. Seriously, the nefarious world of criminality is home to all manner of fruitbats.

So, ring the bells, bang the drums and gently parp that horn – we have a new addition to our crap crook coterie. An unnamed 31-year-old Salt Lake City woman was yesterday charged with burglary and theft after she was caught ransacking her neighbour’s home sporting a cunning fake moustache, beanie hat and large men’s suit disguise.

It appears the not-so-crafty criminal had been on the rob from her neighbours for some time after thousands of dollars of cash went missing on a number of occasions.

The victims then set a trap with security cameras and cash as bait and lo-and-behold they discovered it was their neighbour, whom they had given a key, in her radical makeover that was to blame.

More ridiculous robbers, please.

(Image: Rex)