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Kill Bill 3 is probably, almost definitely happening

Kill Bill 3 is probably, almost definitely happening

Kill Bill 3 is probably, almost definitely happening
04 January 2016

Here comes The Bride (again).

After teasing plans of Kill Bill Vol.3 and picking up the revenge subplot of Vernita Green’s daughter - who saw The Bride standing over the dead body of her mother back in the first film - Quentin Tarantino’s now gone and got us even more convinced Uma Thurman’s anti-heroine will be returning to the big screen.

Speaking to Variety, Tarantino claimed he's even spoken to actress Uma Thurman about reprising her role as the wronged assassin who disemboweled multiple baddies as Beatrix Kiddo in the first two instalments, originally intended as one:

"I've been very non-committal about it, and I'm not committing to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Bride made one more appearance before the whole thing is said and done. I've been talking to Uma about it just a little bit.

“Some of the stuff that I've written and never made it into the movie that maybe I could use and thinking, 'OK, now, thirteen years later, what would be going on with Sofie Fatale [O-Ren Ishii's lawyer], what would be going on with Elle Driver [the last remaining Viper Squad member on Beatrix's death list, left permanently blinded by The Bride]”.

If rumours are true, the now grown-up Niki Green would receive training from Elle and Fatale, setting up a big showdown with Uma Thurman’s character, doubtlessly still wielding that iconic Hanzō sword.

Despite previously hinting that his next film will be Killer Crow, completing a western trilogy of sorts, it's not beyond the realms of reason to think that the poor US box office takings for The Hateful Eight (out in cinemas over here from 8 Jan) could be enough to persuade Tarantino to revisit familiar ground in the form of a third Kill Bill film.

But what do you think: should he stick to new stuff or revisit a sure thing? Let us know your thoughts below.