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Kevin Spacey accused of racism by 'House of Cards' security staff

The accusations follow ones of sexual assault against the actor

Kevin Spacey accused of racism by 'House of Cards' security staff
16 January 2018

Kevin Spacey has been accused of racism by the boss of a security company who worked on the set of Netflix’s House of Cards.

Earl Blue, the head of VIP Protective Services, who were hired to work on set during the filming of Season 1 in 2012, claims Spacey used the N-word, and also refused to shake hands with or acknowledge black members of the security staff.

Blue, 51, told the Daily Mail that Spacey told his personal security manager: “I don’t want n***ers watching my trailer,” when he saw a group of black security guards watching a trailer for the new show.

And Blue also says a production manager heard Spacey announce over speaker that he “did not want n***ers on his set anymore”.

It is alleged that Spacey consistently refused to acknowledge the black security staff, and the company’s $1.1 million contract was not renewed, despite producers reportedly being pleased with their work.

Blue says he raised concerns about Spacey with his manager, who referred to the Frank Underwood actor as “The Powers That Be,” adding: “That’s just the way he is; we’ve got to keep him happy.”

Spacey as Frank Underwood, alongside Robin Wright as his wife Claire. Wright will be the sole star of the show for its sixth and final season, after Spacey was written out following multiple accusations of sexual assault

Blue’s allegations have been backed up by employee Eric Lyles, 47. Blue says he plans to sue Spacey, and believes his firm has potentially lost millions of dollars in revenue because of what happened.

“I lost faith that I am in the right job after the contract was terminated,” he told the Daily Mail. “I questioned myself for months. What could I have done differently?

“Then I came to the realization that I did everything I was supposed to do, I was just dealing with a racist man.”

Blue describes the first meeting between he and Spacey, when Spacey allegedly refused to shake either his or his black supervisor’s hand.

“Kevin is standing right next to me. He looks me up and down, looks at my supervisor up and down, and reaches across us to shake the hand of the police officer and then walks away,” he said.

Spacey on the red carpet at the Tony Awards last summer

Blue claims that Spacey would never speak to the security guards, despite happily chatting to police officers and others on set, while also alleging that the actor would pointedly lock his trailer door whenever there was a black security guard nearby.

Blue describes how Spacey would lock the door, look over at him, then go back and check the door again.

“Over the course of that day I started laughing at him. He did it every single time he left his trailer - at least a dozen times,” Blue says.

Blue adds that there was no theft or damage caused during their time working on set, but that his company’s contract was terminated anyway, and that since leaving House of Cards, the firm has been operating at a loss.

Spacey has not yet responded to the allegations, while Netflix also declined to comment.

Spacey, who played Frank Underwood in the hit show, will not appear in the sixth and final season, after Netflix decided to drop him following numerous allegations of sexual assault.

Season 6 will be fronted by Spacey’s on-screen wife Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood. She became the first female president of the United States at the end of Season 5.

(Images: Rex / Netflix)