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This is the actor Kevin Smith wants to be the new Batman

And we should probably listen to him

This is the actor Kevin Smith wants to be the new Batman
08 October 2018

Kevin Smith, director and star of 1994 cult classic Clerks, likes his comics, so he does - he’s written them and everything - so his is an opinion which should be more discernible than many. 

As such, when he puts forward his idea for who the new Batman should be, he’s probably had a good, long think about it - so we should probably listen.

And who does he want? Well, simply follow the colon:

He wrote on Instagram:

“Bat-Hamm! It’s hard to look good standing beside the best looking man in the world, but it’s worth it because I’m a huge Hamm fan (which sounds more erotically charged than I meant it)! The guy’s crazy talented, funny as f**k and smart as Hell. But just look at him in his suit and tell me that’s not Bruce Wayne! Give Draper the cape and light up the Bat Signal!”

Hard to argue with him here, and his support is only the latest to add to the list of compelling reasons why there should be a BatHamm (read our comprehensive argument here) - he doesn’t look half a way from a billionaire superhero in that suit, does he? The other half is the batsuit, clearly.

Of course, as it stands, there’s no word on what direction DC and Warner Bros. will be taking Batman. Ben Affleck is ostensibly still him, but there’s the very high chance he’s done with the role, and in that case it’s gonna have to go to someone else. 

In addition, there’s always the chance they could go in the same direction as they have with Joker, which is to create a film based on the same characters, but in a different cinematic universe.

Whichever way it goes, Hamm is a good bet, but you can check out our other favourite choices for the Dark Knight, here.

(Image: Warner Bros.)