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Someone's made a mixtape of Kendrick Lamar rapping over Dr. Dre beats and it's amazing

Of *course* it's amazing, what did you expect?

Someone's made a mixtape of Kendrick Lamar rapping over Dr. Dre beats and it's amazing
04 April 2018

The good thing about music is that once you’re bored of listening to it, you can do one of those ‘remix’ or ‘mashup’ things on it and it’s different, it’s new and it’s not boring anymore. I mean, one could argue that nowadays all music is simply another version of previous music, but that would be getting a little too deep for me to handle right at this juncture. Let’s move on.

So to today’s ‘mashup’ - a nicely compact mixtape called The Damn Chronic, which helpfully has done all the work for us, by placing a bunch of Kendrick Lamar acapellas over Dr. Dre beats, like Danger Mouse did all that time ago with The Grey Album. Quite simple, that, and weird that it hasn’t been done before (unless you count 2015’s Compton, but nobody listened to that). And we have enterprising hound DJ Critical Hype to thank for finally pulling the collective thumb out and releasing it.

I could stand (sit) here and state that almost anyone would sound good over a Dre instrumental, but Kendrick sounds especially good, so you’re not wasting your time on this one. Particularly as there’s a couple of surprise guest spots like Nate Dogg, a man who is worth listening to in every possible instance available. I would listen to him eat crisps, and I hate listening to people eat crisps.

Anyway, enough bullshit from my sloppy mouth, you can listen to the mixtape by clicking here (you can download it too, if mp3s are still your bag). And do it loud, you drip, you will not regret it.

Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg (R.I.P.). Two extremely cool doggs

(Image: Getty)