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Justin Bieber gets in a fight with a giant man (and lands quite a good punch)

Wham! Blammo! Thwack!

Justin Bieber gets in a fight with a giant man (and lands quite a good punch)
10 June 2016


Pop superstar Justin Bieber ditched his singing in favour of some pretty spectacular swinging this week, finding himself in a spot of classic brawling with a man approximately fifteen times bigger than him in Cleveland on Wednesday.

The Sorry singer, seen in the TMZ video below, had been watching a basketball game before things got all Streets Of Rage outside his hotel. Look, there he is, squaring up to the biggest man ever and landing one right in his kisser.

Now, we all know fighting's not cool. It's bad, it hurts, and it puts you in prison. But just look a little Biebs go! Practically having to stand on a Yellow Pages to pop a fist at what surely has to be the most humungous human on the planet. Sure, he gets his butt handed to him at the end, with the GIANT MAN dropping him onto the pavement like a piece of rubbish, but not before serving up a tasty fist sandwich. 

The pop superstar later took to Instagram to ease the worries of his 6.5 bajillion fans worldwide, captioning a pic with "not a scratch on this pretty boy" before deleting the post. Bad ass. 

Next week: Bieber gives a grizzly bear the People's Elbow.