Two former judges are taking on Donald Trump to have his liquor licence revoked

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Religious leaders say Donald Trump should lose his liquor licence due to being a rotter

The Trump Hotel could soon find itself dry if the President can’t prove himself to be a person of ‘good character’

Donald Trump’s got a lot on his plate at the moment. There are kids to take from their families, kids to throw in prison, credit to be demanded for not outright murdering babies, all sorts of pressing tasks. It’s got to be a stressful existence. He’s not a nice man, or a clever man, or an honest man, or a good man, but at least he’s not a happy man either. That’s something.

One new source of stress that it on its way to him is the potential loss of his liquor licence. Despite being a teetotaller himself, Trump is a licensee, and a group of former judges and religious leaders in Washington DC are now calling for his licence to be revoked. One of the stipulations when applying for an alcohol licence in the District of Columbia is being “a person of good character”, and Trump, argue these people, is no such person.

  • Religious leaders say Donald Trump should lose his liquor licence due to being a rotter 1
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It’s quite an impressive group, including two former judges, three pastors and two rabbis, and the extremely detailed, 27-page document they submitted to the District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board can be seen here. They raise things like his history of sexual assault allegations, ongoing lies, racism, involvement with fraud, association with criminals… the usual really. 

The document acknowledges that “good character investigations typically occur at the time of license application or renewal,” but suggests that the board “owes it to the public to investigate the owner’s lack of good character now.” If he does indeed lose his licence, Washington DC’s Trump International Hotel – his continued ownership of which is something of a sore point – will have to change hands, appoint another licencee or stop selling drinks.

In the grand scheme of things it’s a drop in the ocean – one day he’ll face trial for the hideousness he has inflicted upon the world, and when that day comes he’ll look back on previous sources of stress fondly – but again, it’s something.

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