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Can you spot what's so creepy about where Jordan Peele is keeping his Oscar?

What's that in the background?

Can you spot what's so creepy about where Jordan Peele is keeping his Oscar?
07 March 2018

Jordan Peele is one of our favourite men, which is why we were delighted when he took home an Oscar - hopefully his first of many - for Best Original Screenplay on Sunday night.

Peele won for his fantastic horror-comedy Get Out, which starred man-on-the-path-to-megastardom Daniel Kaluuya as Chris, a black man who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s family for the first time, when things take somewhat of a dark turn.

It was a movie Peele never thought he’d be able to actually make. “This means so much to me,” he said during his acceptance speech. “I stopped writing this movie about 20 times because I thought it wasn’t possible, it wasn’t going to work. I thought no one would ever make this movie. But I kept coming back to it because I knew that if people let me make this movie then people would hear it, and see it.

“I want to dedicate this to everyone who raised my voice, and let me make this movie.”

And his tweet upon winning was about as everyman as it gets, not that we’d expect any less.

But what is catching everyone’s eye now is another of Jordan’s tweets (he’s very funny on Twitter, you should all follow him), where he is displaying his Oscar at home next to his 2012 Outstanding Variety Sketch Series Emmy for Key & Peele.

He captioned it: “This is exactly what it looked like watching my wife give birth,” and while this is an excellent joke, that isn’t what we’re focusing on here.

What we’re looking at is something in the background. More specifically, the chair. Do you recognise it?

Yep, that’s right, it looks an awful lot like the chair from Get Out. You know, the one Chris gets hypnotised in.

And well, that’s because - as Peele revealed himself - it is that very same chair. For some reason he keeps it inside his actual house.

I guess the movie is less scary if you actually wrote it yourself, but still, little creepy no? Though I suppose it’s better than setting the chair up in front of a set of tea cups.

In other Jordan Peele news, perhaps our favourite moment from the weekend’s Academy Awards came from his best bud Keegan-Michael Key, whose reaction to Peele’s win is one of unadulterated joy.

Look. Look how happy he is for his pal:

There’s something truly joyful in Key’s clear, unreserved pride in his friend’s achievement. There’s no jealousy there, no holding back, he’s just full-on delighted for his best mate.

What a great pair of dudes.

(Image: Rex)