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John Oliver has just been cast in the perfect role in the 'Lion King' remake

OK, now we're excited

John Oliver has just been cast in the perfect role in the 'Lion King' remake
11 July 2017

Remake this, remake that, everything’s a remake, remake and bake – it’s not worth it getting upset about your beloved favourite film being remade, because it will happen eventually. Everything that was once good (and some things that were once bad) have to be redone and remixed and rebooted, because of money.

I recognise that brand, so I shall spend money on it. I do not recognise this original, one-of-a-kind film, so I shall steer well clear of it. More Transformers please.

Anyway, saying all that – Disney’s live-action remakes have actually been quite good, what with The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast turning out pretty alright, actually. Their next sure-to-be-acceptable flick is a re-do of the The Lion King, AKA Disney’s best ever film, ever. Ever. Hallowed ground.

Thankfully, much like the other two rather watchable remakes, this one has in its arsenal a top-drawer cast of acting talent. So far we’ve had Donald Glover as Simba, which is obviously great, we’ve got Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, the big-in-America-but-not-so-much-over-here Billy Eichner as Timon, James Earl Jones returning as Mufasa (still amazing) and now, the latest casting news: John Oliver as Zazu.

Zazu and Simba

Zazu, if you’ll remember, was the uptight and easily-panicked hornbill bird who appears as Mufasa’s and then Simba’s mate/servant. John Oliver, if you’ll remember, is the uptight and easily-panicked host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It’s a perfect fit, basically – Oliver is great at playing exasperated, acerbic characters, and will therefore work as a worthy successor to Rowan Atkinson, who played the part in the 1994 movie.

Good news, this. I mean, I’ll probably not watch this for about five years after it’s released, but still, people get excited about these kinds of things, and it’s my job to fuel that fire. You’re welcome.

(Image: Rex)