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John Oliver pleas with Donald Trump to "drop out" and become a legend

"Tell America this entire candidacy was a stunt, a satire designed to expose the flaws in the system"

John Oliver pleas with Donald Trump to "drop out" and become a legend

Donald Trump is a winner. A fantastic winner, who is just really good at winning. His friends say so, China says so, and so far in his campaign for US president he’s rarely gone a rally without reminding us this.

So, with that in mind and polls indicating that the mogul is very much lagging behind Hilary Clinton in the race for the White House, what’s his next move? What could he possibly do in the face of a spectacular loss?

John Oliver thinks he knows the answer: “Drop out”

Before taking a well-earned month off air, the Last Week Tonight host just went on another epic rant against Trump, but this time instead of merely chastising the blustering billionaire, he made a plea for the man to save face by stepping down.

Oliver argues that the Trump brand is so steeped in success that a loss would be catastrophic (as the billionaire puts it himself, “to lose to crooked Hilary Clinton, that’d be terrible”) and that even if he did get to the hot seat, he wouldn’t enjoy the daily chores of being Leader of the Free World anyway. As evidenced by recent shots of him looking severely fed up doing photo calls for important causes, will he really want the day-to-day hassle and endless parade of appearances that come with the role? Arguably not.

He wouldn’t be a loser, claims Oliver, he’d be "a legend", dropping out to teach America a lesson and show just how corrupt the system is that a man with such a polarising persona could have gone so close to getting the country’s top job.

Finally, pulling the ace card, Oliver then flags up children’s book The Kid Who Ran For President, drawing parallels with the titular class clown who runs for office in this fictional story with the man they call Donald. Or maybe we got him wrong this whole time and that's been his game plan all along. 

In which case, we salute you Donald Trump.