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John Boyega reveals who he wants Finn to end up with in ‘Star Wars’

Rose? Rey? Poe?

John Boyega reveals who he wants Finn to end up with in ‘Star Wars’
08 March 2018

In the last epic Star Wars film, John Boyega’s character Finn sparked up a relationship with the smart and fearless Rose (Kelly Marie Tran). They even shared a (somewhat controversial) kiss.

Needless to say, this upset a lot of hardcore fans who all have their own storylines in mind.

First, there’s the camp who want Finn to get with Rey (Daisy Ridley).

Then there’s the crowd who want Finn to start knocking boots with Poe (Oscar Isaac).

And there’s even a few freaky people who want him to end up with Chewbacca – why not? Could be hot.

Now, John Boyega himself has weighed in with his own take on where he wants his character to go. Here’s his charming exchange with /Film:

/Film: ”The Force Awakens didn’t feature a romantic relationship between Finn and Rey, and I think a lot of people loved that. But it seems like those same fans now really want to see Finn in a romance, whether it’s with Rey or Rose –”

Both at the same time: ”– or Poe.”

Boyega: “Or Chewbacca, or anyone. You guys are going savage!”

/Film: “Why do you think that is, and who would you like to see Finn end up with?

Boyega: “Because Finn is the one character, for me, who has a distinct, unique relationship with everybody. He had this kind of banterous relationship with Han, then he has this loving relationship with Rey. Now with Rose, it feels like he has this great relationship. Personally? Rey. Yeah, Rey.”

So there you have it. Boyega reckons his character’s best shot at love is with Rey.

And in other Star Wars news, it was recently revealed that JJ Abrams had also written a version of Episode VIII – but it never got made. You can head over here to read all about the lost film. 

(Image: Lucasfilm Ltd. / Walt Disney Studios)