Jeremy Corbyn went to the British Kebab Awards last night and Twitter was fantastic


Jeremy Corbyn, man of the people, divider of parties, teetotal, vegetarian, falafal-lovin' champion of men. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party. Top button-shirking, national anthem-dodging everyman, Jeremy bloody Corbyn spent last night at the British Kebab Awards 2016.

The British Kebab Awards 2016. An awards ceremony that we'll be honest in saying that we didn't even know existed but should be annually, given as much coverage as the Baftas and the BRITs for their fine services to processed meats and eye-watering chili sauces, but more importantly because Jeremy Corbyn is a fan and he was there, having selfies taken and making jokes about his distinctly meat-free diet.

Yes, this year Corbyn made an appearance at Britain's most prestigious food ceremony (we're not going to be budged on this) to present the award for Outstanding Contribution to the British kebab industry, which should seem a hell of a lot weirder than it is considering he's a) a vegetarian and b) the leader of the Labour Party, but lets just go with it.

He presented the award with passion and pride and importantly, implored us all to make an extra effort to stuff our faces with salad once we've also devoured our undistinguishable meaty delights on a Friday night. Because Jeremy Corbyn cares. 

“Vegetarian aficionado of kebab shops, I hope I’m still welcome, I’m always very pleased whenever I get to any kebab shop to enjoy a good falafel...When people buy kebabs, I want them to have salad on top, so they can have the balanced diet we all need," he said like the leader we truly deserve.

Amen Corbyn, brother in arms, amen. 

The internet, as you can imagine, reacted appropriately.