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Jeremy Corbyn's son is a dead ringer for Elijah Wood

Seriously, what is going on?

Jeremy Corbyn's son is a dead ringer for Elijah Wood

Hair, eyes, cheeks, jaw. These are the four sections of how faces differ. Once half of the factors match, you got yourself a doppleganger.

Which happens surprisingly often, what with fashion trends giving us all the same haircuts. And with loads of blokes having beards now that cover up up our cheeks and jaw.

Wait… why are we trying to teach you how faces work? Oh right yeah, because we don’t want to get libelled for saying Corbyn might be Elijah Wood’s “family friend”….

Seriously, look at Jeremy Corbyn’s youngest son Tommy and see if you don’t spot something. 

In the right light, 23 year old Tommy Corbyn is a dead ringer for Elijah Wood. Which also means, in another, slightly different look, he's a dead ringer for Daniel Radcliffe too...

The subtle difference between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

Now, as we mentioned this before, this is just a case of haircuts, eyes, cheeks and jawlines being somewhat ~similar~... but still, poor Tommy. Imagine going through school with everyone making Frodo and Harry Potter jibes at you *and* your dad was a politician. Ah well Tommy, we hope you milked the similarity for all it’s worth with film buffs.

(Lead image via Wilfred and FX)