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Polls suggest Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister if only under-40s could vote

But they're 20 points behind overall

Polls suggest Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister if only under-40s could vote
26 April 2017

YouGov have gone and done one of their polls again, haven’t they? Bloody YouGov, always polling – what are they like? 

Saying that, this one has yielded rather interesting results, and exposed how large the generational opinion gap is in the UK. The youngsters and the elders really are on different planes, it seems.

They polled 13,000 voters over two and a half weeks and found that cuddly old Jeremy Corbyn would be our next prime minister if the decision was left up to those falling into the 18-40 age bracket.

Women under 40 were a huge 42% in the Labour camp, 27% for the Conservatives and 12% with the Lib Dems. Men were backing Corbs to the tune of 32%, which was only one more percent than the Conservative shout, with a 18% vote towards the Libs.

Thing is, Labour are well behind in the polls overall – a good 20 points. This is because a huge amount of over-40s are striding straight towards a Conservative leadership, leaving the much smaller turnout of younger voters to head the Labour way.

Overall, we’re looking at 44% Tories, 25% Labour, 12% Lib Dems, 9% UKIP, 3% Green Party and probably because of one wacky bloke in the Cambridge Footlights, 0.1% for the Monster Raving Loony Party.

The figures bear a striking resemblance to those from the EU referendum, which saw under-49s vote overwhelmingly to remain in the Union.

Of course, this poll was only of 13,000 voters, so you never know what the final result will be – maybe there’s a small corner somewhere in deepest Cornwall full of thousands of 40+ Labour-supporting hermits, you never know with these things.

(Image: Rex)