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Of course people want to name their newborn babies ‘Corbyn’

Not as much love for 'Theresa'

Of course people want to name their newborn babies ‘Corbyn’

To say Jeremy Corbyn has made an impact on the nation this year would be an understatement.

The Labour Party leader has inspired some great (and some less-than-great) t-shirts, while his presence at Glastonbury attracted tens of thousands of people to the Pyramid Stage at 4pm, a time when many would ordinarily still be trying to sleep under a gazebo.

So we probably shouldn’t be surprised to see the 68-year-old’s name considered by a growing number of prospective parents. No, not his first name, his surname.

According to a ChannelMum survey, as reported by NME, more than half of parents would consider naming their child ‘Corbyn’, with 15% considering ‘Jeremy’ as an option. Just 4% are in favour of ‘Theresa’, in case you were wondering.

There were 15 babies born in the UK named Corbyn in 2015, as well as a handful named Corbin or Korbyn, but Jez was only elected as Labour leader in September of that year. Consequently, the figure could well rise when official numbers for 2016 are released later this year.

It brings to mind the number of parents who named their children ‘Shearer’ after the Newcastle and England striker, or the Brazilian MMA star John Lineker, named after Gary (yes, really).

But what could be better than naming your baby boy after the Absolute Boy?

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