Jeremy Clarkson has said something offensive about trans people, because obviously

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Nick Pope

Jeremy Clarkson, otherwise known as Britain’s most intolerable drunken uncle, has sparked controversy again after making offensive jokes about transgender.

In his Sunday Times column, titled ‘Transgender issues are driving me nuts’, the petrol-headed presenter argued that problems faced by trans people had been overstated.

"As far as I was concerned, men who want to be women were only really to be found on the internet or in the seedier bits of Bangkok. They were called ladyboys, and in my mind they were nothing more than the punchline in a stag night anecdote," he wrote.

He went on, scorning parents who ‘poison the mind of a child’ by allowing their kids to consider sex-change operations.

"I wanted to seek parents out and explain that they were free to live a lunatic life, they must not and I was going to emphasise this with spittle - be allowed to poison the mind of a child. It’s what kids do: dream impossible dreams. You don't actually take them seriously. You don't take them to a hospital when they're 10 and say, 'he wants to be a girl, so can you lop his todger off?' Because what’s going to happen five years later when he’s decided that being a man isn’t so bad after all and he’s in the showers at the rugby club?,"

Needless to say, Twitter is furious - and hundreds of people have spoken out against the brillo pad-bonced columnist’s words…