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10 times Jeff Goldblum had the perfect outlook on life

Jeffy Boy imparts some modern wisdom to your asses - take heed!

10 times Jeff Goldblum had the perfect outlook on life
10 July 2018

Who is good? Who, may I ask, is good? Jeff Goldblum is good. Jeff Goldblum, good friend of Shortlist, is the best, in fact. Why is this? Because everything he says is gold, that’s why - the man is fascinating and unlike anyone else - he is the best.

Want some proof? Here are ten times he had the best outlook on life - let’s all read together, for we can learn a lot from the Goldblum:

On consumerism

“I’m really not consumerist. I don’t need anything grand. Often I’ll go into a store, have a look around and proclaim, ‘Everything in this store validates the decisions I have already made,’ and leave.”

On finding happiness

“‘I aspire to bring my own happiness with me wherever I go. It’s a highfalutin answer, but also true.”

On his unique style

“So clothes, style, yes, I’ve always liked them. Not so much as trophies or things like that, but the power they have over the image one can project of oneself to the world. It’s like costumes for a film. ‘Who do I want to be today?’ 

“Although it’s not so much smoke and mirrors, as just trying to be true to one’s inner monologue. I remember as a kid I would go to these painting classes and I would do sketches of collars and ties – I have no idea why.”

On being interesting

“I have a zest for life. I think I learnt inquisitiveness from my drama teacher when I moved to New York City in ’74: ‘You’re only interesting to the extent you are interested.’ That’s what makes for real emotions, and that goes for on stage, or film, or even right now.”

On summer

“When you get older, a summer is bomb-ding bomb-dang. Then it’s September, and bam-dat sca-dat, you know?”

On self-care

“I’ve always experimented with life enhancement through nutrition. My first wife and I would bring our juicer on planes, and we’d do a carrot cleanse for a week, until I’d turn orange and all my poop would be orange—things that I wouldn’t adhere to now. Now I just get a good night’s sleep. 

“I wash my face with soap. I like to work out a little bit. I try to eat right. I’ve stayed clean. I don’t really drink or smoke. I try to keep my perspective wholesome.”


“You Only Live Once? That’s great. I have no faith in an afterlife and you never know when it’s gonna end.

“There’s so much that’s delicious, precious, magnificent, mysterious and infinitely enjoyable that it would be foolish not to make every day an adventure.” 

On feeling fulfilled

“Fulfilment means you bring an ability to be satisfied, to be fulfilled in any circumstance. You don’t wait for the outer confluence of circumstances to go, ‘Oh, now your fulfilled, I’ve got the car I wanted, I’m on a date with the right girl’. 

“The talent I aspire to is, no matter what cards present themselves, you’re able to find something that you’re able to call fulfilment.”

On gratitude

“I don’t relish chaos, and difficulty and unpleasantness. I’ll pick my fights, sure. And I’m more brave these days, in confronting something challenging. But having said that, alas, most days I am a pretty cheerful character. 

“Shall I tell you why? Because I’m grateful, and I practise attention to gratitude. So even when things, ah, hey! Remember: it’s just good to be alive. Even if you’re just alive. I think it’s miraculously delicious to be alive.”


“Use what exists. Use. What. Exists. That’s a mysterious little oyster that I want you to take with you. Unwrap it, apply it to many things. It can take you far.”

There you go, simple as that: your life is now enriched, fulfilled and better. Thanks Jeff!

(Images: Getty/Dylan Coulter)