Jason Bourne returns in badass new trailer


Hide the stationery. Bourne’s back.

In the first trailer for Jason Bourne (yes, they've finally run out of ubiquitous adjectives to stick on the end of the sequels, possibly also a reference to the fact the titular hero remembers his name this time around), Matt Damon returns as everyone’s favourite amnesiac super spy.

He does the fallen hero thing (hanging out at bareknuckle boxing ring he proceeds to knock a bruiser out with one single punch), gets tangled up in some ‘topical’ events (“We’ve just been hacked - could be worse than Snowden”, warns one intelligence operative), lurks in London for a bit and, as ever, finds himself pursued by some nasty types over rooftops – they bloody love rooftops in this franchise.

Damon’s fourth outing as Bourne, it also marks his third with director Paul Greengrass, who you may remember helped ramp up the gritty realism in Supremacy and Ultimatum, while Tommy Lee Jones bolsters an already impressive cast as a senior CIA officer.

Ah, so that’s how he lost his memory - Jones used a neuralyser.