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Jared Leto: 60 second style diary with the new face of Gucci Guilty

The Joker takes time out of his busy schedule to discuss being the new face of Gucci's iconic scent

Jared Leto: 60 second style diary with the new face of Gucci Guilty
Danielle de Wolfe
06 September 2016

Whilst in Milan ShortList caught up with Jared Leto, the new face of the Gucci Guilty, to talk about his relationship with the iconic Italian brand and all things style.

However, the psychopathic clown is obviously a busy man, so we only managed to stop him for a minute as he was heading to the loo...

How did you first meet Alessandro Michele, the new Creative Director of Gucci?

We met in Los Angeles through a friend. We spent some time together and became friends, and then he asked me to be a part of the campaign and I thought it looked interesting.

What has been the best bit about working with an iconic brand such as Gucci?

The best part about it has been working with this group of people that have been so nice and easy, fun and excited to do something different, something that breaks some rules.

Have you ever kept any costumes from your films - and which is your favourite?

I usually always keep one costume for each film as a reminder, a keepsake, a memory. No, I don’t really have a favorite.

Can you remember the first item of clothing that you truly loved?

No, but style to me, as a whole is having a sense of who you are. Its authenticity. Its expression.

Aesthetically, your version of the joker strays massively from what we've come to expect from the character - how much influence did you have over that?

It was a collaborative effort between the director and myself. I think we both knew we had to strike new ground; so much great work has been done before. It was clear that we had to walk in a different direction.

Jared taking over Gucci's Snapchat

Choose three travel accessories to take on a trip. Let's say you're travelling from London to LA.

Two to three accessories to take on a trip: earplugs, Melatonin, and passport.

When was the last time you dressed to make an impression?

At the MET ball.

Do you ever buy the same item more than once? and if so what is it?

I guess I would say Califia almond milk.

When do you think it is appropriate to wear and not wear fragrance?

I personally don’t think there is necessarily an appropriate ‘time’, but I believe that fragrance can be a way to tap into a bit of nostalgia or a feeling.

Do the clothes maketh the man or does the man maketh the clothes?

Sometimes it can be a combination of both. For this particular project, the Gucci Guilty campaign fits my personal style. They were looking for an unexpected choice - at least that’s what they told me - and I was excited to collaborate with this group of people who are doing such phenomenal creative work.

Finally, give us one piece of fashion advice to live by.

Never take fashion advice really. That’s my advice to you.

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