James Corden releases poignant video to protest Trump immigration ban

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Emily Badiozzaman

James Corden is the most successful Brit on American TV, with a career across the pond Robbie Williams and Piers Morgan could only dream of. 

As such, he’s a legal immigrant who’s set up shop in LA. One that is as outraged as most of the world at Trump’s immigration/Muslim ban.

To highlight the difference and blatant racism that legal immigrants and visitors to the US experience every time they go through an airport, the Late Late Show host did some secret filming of his travel experience as others were being detained because of their birthplace or religion. 

He starts as most of us would; on the way to the airport. As he passes protesters outside LAX, he checks in to his flight, breezes through security and grabs a sandwich before he boards his flight greeted by a typically friendly American.

Not much happens, but that’s exactly his point:

“Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants.”

Watch the clip below:


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