Israeli TV reporter accidentally stabbed in demonstration of stab-proof vest

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David Cornish

Eitam Lachover is a reporter for Israel's Channel 1 television channel.

He's the kind of earnest news hound always willing to put himself in precarious scenarios for the good of a story - such as demonstrating the capacities of a new stab-proof vest set to be issued to Israeli troops. 

The news report was simple: Lachover would pop himself into the vest and get Yaniv Montakyo - vice president of the company that manufactures it - to stab him in the back. After a faultless practice run, Lachover's team turned on the cameras, Montakyo grabbed his knife and... well, watch below. 

Montakyo's first series of blows have no apparent effect, but in lining Lachover up for a second round the vice president misses the section of the vest containing its protective layer of fabric, piercing the news reporter.

The look of shock and pain on Lachover at around 1:37 shows when he received a cut from the knife (for which he required some stitches). The accompanying look from the chap giving sign language for the report (bottom left) is priceless.

So the stab-proof vest works - but only if you stab it in the right place.

And don't worry Lachover, it's left us in stitches too.

[Via: BBC]


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