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Is Your Beard As Dirty As A Toilet?

Is Your Beard As Dirty As A Toilet?

Is Your Beard As Dirty As A Toilet?

Well, is it?

Turns out there could be more than just a few stray Coco Pops and a crumb of stilton hiding in your big bushy beard.

A study conducted by microbiologist John Golobic and American news network KOAT7 has found that some beards (that's "some", not "all") contain bacteria that is also found in toilets. 

Golobic took swabs from men in Albuquerque and developed them at his laboratory, Quest Diagnostics.

"I'm usually not surprised and I was surprised by this," he told KOAT7, adding that some of the beards contained the, "types of things you find in [fecal matter]."

To avoid the build-up of these harmful bacteria, Golobic recommends avoiding hand-to-face contact, thorough beard scrubbing and lots of hand washing.

You can watch the full news report on the KOAT7 site, here.

However, if you are a beard owner who has a squeamish loved one, you may want to keep this news item from them altogether...

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