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Is this the world's most boring calendar?

It'll drive you round the bend

Is this the world's most boring calendar?

On the internet, whenever you see a headline ending in a question mark, the answer is invariably: "no".

However, on this occasion, we think you may end up nodding in agreement.

Kevin Beresford has compiled a 2016 calendar of the world's best roundabouts. The 62-year-old, who is the founder of the Roundabout Appreciation Society searched the globe to find his favourites, which include 'bouts from Mexico, Venezuela and Bahrain. He has declared, "I am passionate about roundabouts and I want to see more countries embrace them."

Hey, at least it's not photos of half naked New York cab drivers, eh?

You can buy yours for £9.99 by heading here and take a look at the selections below.


A beauty in the Japanese city of Sekigata. Roundabouts are fairly novel in Japan, so there is a lot of explanatory signage.


The Charminar Roundabout in Karachi, which features a replica of a mosque located in Hyderabad in India.


This one is found in the Algarve and features three dolphins leaping about. Water great roundabout, you could say.


This roundabout in Morbier in France features a cheese monument and a grandfather clock.


This one, known as the Lula Roundabout, no longer exists. It was originally built in Manama in Bahrain, before being torn down by the government in 2011.


Kevin's favourite, this roundabout can be found in Otford, Kent and is known locally as Duckingham Palace. It features a listed duck pond and a wooden cabin where they sleep.


A pretty good backdrop for this roundabout in Switzerland.


A roundabout which can be used by pedestrians as well as cars, this can be found in Carmel, Indiana in the US.


More dolphins, a fountain and another one for dual use: this roundabout in Pataya, Thailand is really spoiling us.


An imposing one, this: The Angel of Independence Roundabout, aka El Angel, is found in Mexico City. The four statues around the base of the column represent Peace, War, Law and Justice.


The Chavez Roundabout in Managua, Venezuela features some psychedelic elements and, of course, an image of former president Hugo Rafael Chavez.


To see you into Christmas comes The Railway Roundabout in Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. It features a colour-changing fountain and won the International Roundabout of the Year award. High praise indeed.