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Introducing The ShortList Film Club

Introducing The ShortList Film Club

Introducing The ShortList Film Club
Danielle de Wolfe
24 September 2013

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but that doesn’t apply to everything. As you know, there are such things as excellent free magazines. Ahem. And now, thanks to one such magazine, there are excellent free films, too.

The ShortList Film Club is a new series of preview screenings taking throughout the year and across the country. Our aim is to bring you, our valued readers, an early look at the coolest new films around; the kind of films that fly under the blockbuster radar, the word-of-mouth hits bookended by the phrases “Have you seen?” and “You really must”.

The difference is, it’ll be our big mouth telling you about them, and then putting the films on for you to see. And we won’t charge you a penny. And we’ll be putting them on ahead of general release, so you can use the above phrases with the near certainty that you’ll get to sound extremely smug and ahead of the curve, while your friends are all stuck on the curve, or even behind it. Our totally unbiased opinion on all of this: excellent.

So far we’ve had the excellent indie horror flick It Follows, which you can read about here and we followed it up with the bloody and brilliant Wild Tales (which you can read about here). As any film fan will attest, both of those proved extremely canny shouts from us (excuse us as we dislocate our arms while patting ourselves on the back), so keep checking back for all future ShortList Film Club screenings.

(Images: ICON; Hyde Park Picture House)

Visit the Shortlist Film Club page to watch the latest trailers and find out what's coming soon.

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