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Introducing The Narcissistic Brag App

Introducing The Narcissistic Brag App

Introducing The Narcissistic Brag App

Do you love a selfie?

Are the majority of your social outings organised merely to grab a few snaps of you wearing that new tight jumper? Have you ever ordered a latte purely in order to take a photo of the foam art because you haven't had a "Like" in about, oh, four minutes? 

Then please, do us all a favour and download the new app, BRAG

It's made for you. Really. A social app designed for bragging about your day, sharing photos with your Twitter and Facebook friends and cultivating a new army of followers. Twenty-something co-founders Amanda Nieto and Derek Witte recently told Cnet that the inspiration for BRAG came from a "combination of our desire to post the occasional selfie or show off what we're wearing and our deep-seeded fear of being persecuted for doing so".

BRAG works much like Instagram or any other photo filtering service: take a photo (there's no limit on how many you can upload at once), pump it through one of 15 filters and then set about tagging everything - from your clothing labels to your location, to the amount you spent on that ridiculous cheese burger - before you BRAG it. It will then let you hunt out new brands and fellow-minded selfie-addicted, self-obsessed, egocentric millennials to follow in turn. 

The only good we can see coming from this? That it shifts that particular body of social posters away from your current feeds and into a new bubble established just for them. It could be the best thing that happened to world of social media. Or, more probably, it's an alarming indication of what a little too much internet does to a person. 

You can join the BRAG crowd here

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