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This guy keeps ruining his friends' Instagram food pictures and it's honestly the best

Perfect timing

This guy keeps ruining his friends' Instagram food pictures and it's honestly the best

There’s nothing ruder when you’re out for a meal than the person opposite you being stuck on their phone the entire time.

So to get his revenge, a social media prankster has created a *genuinely* funny compilation video of every time he destroyed his friends’ Instagram food photo opportunities.

Kevin Freshwater, who has 63,000 followers on Instagram, posted the video along with the caption: ‘How to ruin people’s Insta pics’.

As his friends line up their carefully constructed meals for the perfect Insta snap, Kevin sneaks in and smashes up their food saying: “MUSH!”

His friends appear to be stunned, horrified and even pretty angry. One of his mates demanded he go and buy him another meal.

Although we think the clip is downright hilarious, reaction to the video online was, shall we say, mixed.

One person wrote: “Kevin you are a bastard”.

Another commenter said: “I swear to god if someone does this to me i’ll cut any ties of the relationship”.

Someone got really dark in the comments and said: “I would have stabbed the guy in the face and said mush!!!” Woah there! It’s only food people!

But others were able to see the funny side. “This one is hilarious,” one viewer wrote. We agree. 

And this is not the first time Kevin’s antics have caught attention online.

In June, he released a video showing how he embarrasses his female friend by telling the waiter in every restaurant they go to that is is her birthday.  

The result is another hilarious compilation of his friend Dannika looking mortified as a string of waiters sing ‘Happy Birthday!’ and bring over a cake. 

Well played, Kevin. Well played. 

(Images: Instagram)